De Liefhebber
De Liefhebber has been a part of the local community for over 8 years, offering our unique blend of quality food, great spirits and "gezellige" atmosphere.

We are specialized in Dutch local food and drinks. Explore our rich selection of Dutch quality genevers, gins, whiskies and rums.
Here we serve you the traditional Boilermaker, a combination of a local craft beer with a local craft genever. But we also offer you a selection of Gin & Tonics with home made infusions...
 We are located on the historic market square of Delft, right next to the city hall.
The Crew
De Liefhebber crew is a steady one. Ronald knows all about beers, Johan all about spirits, we have Willemijn running the weekend nights and Alex is our chef and bartender. We'd love to welcome you to our little pub and enjoy genuine Dutch cozy hospitality with a modern twist.